Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Reasons Why Using Google Drive

As a user of the electronic device sure you are familiar with using a digital file storage method by using a flash or an external hard drive as well. But since the trend of increasingly sophisticated technology and advanced, digital file storage method to switch into cloud storage or cloud storage.
Terdapay many cloud storage service that you can use one of them is Google Drive. Cloud storage service owned by Google has many advantages features in it. Well determines anything, the discussion this time will discuss the reasons why using Google Drive. Go see review below!
Here Reasons Why Using Google Drive
Artificial of Google
From the name you probably already know that the services of cloud storage is made from Google. But not just because of the name that makes the reasons why you should use Google Drive, but because the services and functions held. Because of Google all services made in it can be easily integrated with Google Drive. As for services such as Google Photos and Google Music also can be integrated with Google Drive. Along with the expansion of Android devices on the market, you should also try to use Google Drive with a variety of advantages.
Can Work Anywhere
With the first mobile technology trends make it easy for us to be able to complete the work anytime and anywhere. To answer that Google Drive offers the ability to create and edit and create documents directly from Google Drive like to use Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs. So with so you can edit and create documents directly to Google Drive via Android smartphone devices that you use.
15 GB Free Storage
Next is the greater storage at 15 GB which you can use for free. As you set up your Google account on your Android smartphone you use, then at that time you can activate the service from Google Drive. For each account you get free storage space of 15 GB. This is certainly bigger and makes you more flexibility in the process of saving your files. With this course you can save memory smartphone if you save the file on your smartphone through Google Drive. Now to try it please enable Google Drive on your smartphone.
Multi-Platform Support
If you often work through the PC in the office, on campus, and everywhere using Android, then you are obliged to use Google Drive. This is because with Google Drive have a service that can be used in various paltforms. Well so you can access the files you're working at home, on campus, or even in the office with your Android device wherever you are. Whether it's music files, videos or photos can all be synchronous circuitry quickly if you use this service.
Have a High Security
Next is a good security. Although it can be distributed to other users, this does not mean that Google Drive does not pay attention to the security of the files that have been uploaded to Google Drive. Soapa You can specify who can view certain files that you upload. In addition you can also choose who can edit from the file and specify the full admin access in accessing Google services Dribe you.
Now that was some explanation of the reasons why you should use Google Drive. There are many other advantages given from Google Drive as well as uploading and sharing files easily.


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